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You have to wonder... What is going to happen to Java and MySQLwhen the Sun goes down?

Some would have us believe that consolidation is good for the IT industry. I find that kind of hard to stomach as it really means less choice for consumers at the end of the day. Interestingly there has been very little backlash over Oracle’s intent to purchase Sun. There is so much at stake with this acquisition for the IT industry and business not just Open Source. Sun currently controls several key technologies and Open Source products one of which is MySQL but others such as OpenSSO are also valuable contributions to the community. There is quite a long list… foremost on that list is Java. The industry needs a trustworthy custodian for Java. I really hope that we are getting that with Oracle (assuming the deal will be approved).I was amazed at how fast the US approved the deal. There probably should have been a lot more scrutiny on this as it does represent a large shift in the power structure around Java and other technologies. Sun have been a benevolent and kind force driving Java to where it is today.
So what will be left of Java and MySQL when the Sun goes down?

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