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Amberpoint.... gone

My company has been an Amberpoint partner for a couple of years. We have been committed to this product set for SOA Governance for a while now. Disappointingly, Oracle has just announced that they will acquire Amberpoint. As usual Oracle are upbeat about this but you have to start wondering how healthy this is for the IT industry as a whole as the resultant industry after all these acquisitions fundamentally offers customers and systems integrators far less choice regarding the business relationships they need in order to deploy the solution sets they desire. There is also a far broader issue regards the stifling innovation in our industry.

I put it to you and Oracle that smaller, focused and more agile companies like Amberpoint are able to specialize and innovate faster. Behemoths such as Oracle, IBM and HP find it far more difficult to innovate outside their traditional areas of core expertise as they are just not tuned into investing time and resources that way. There is only one beneficiary for this type of acquisition and that is the company making the acquisition. I am convinced that it is not good for customers, integrators or the industry as a whole. Most of the products aquired by the these companies just stagnate after the acquisition (I could cite many many examples of this including most of the 60 odd companies Oracle has acquired over the past 5 years).

Acquisitions of this nature are simply opportunistic, funded with debt and aimed at make rich companies more powerful; and controlling thus disadvantaging the smaller players. This won’t be the first time a corporate software company acquisition has cost me dearly (the other two were NetBeans and Star Office… which incidentally are both now owned by Oracle after the Sun acquisition). Oracle’s web site has a letter for Partners. Unfortunately it only talks about Oracle partners ( and does not mention anything about the existing Amberpoint partners which I think is a little careless of them (characteristically).

It appears that the center of innovation in the IT industry at present seems to be the open source companies. Let’s hope that trend continues and isn’t stifled in the same way.

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