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Android Development... why or why not?

I have been doing a little research on Android development lately. Not so much because of the mere cool factor but more so the obvious potential for Android to become the OEM platform of choice for mobile. Looking back at some of the key reasons why x86 PC’s and DOS prevailed back in the 80’s and even why Java has gained such wide acceptance in the enterprise through the 90’s and 2000’s, we can glean some possible insight into what fosters strong adoption in the user community. To me it comes down to a few key factors:

o User interface acceptance, abilities and “coolness”
o Availability of key/killer applications for the platform.
o Ease of Development and SDK (leading to availability of key applications.
o Portability across multi-vendor OEM hardware platform.
o Strong support from developers and the OEM market.

Looking at the overall smartphone market which is arguably led by RIM at around 40% (depending on whose numbers you look at and excluding Nokia/Symbian which is number 1 if you take every handset ever sold into account) it seems that the market kind of resembles the minicomputer market of the 1970’s in terms of overall market development, standardization and proprietary platform domination. It should be interesting to see how this all plays out. Taking a closer look at Android…

1) It seems just as cool as any of the other smartphone UI’s out there… including iPhone
2) There is a burgeoning market for applications already after less than a year in the market.
3) Development seems pretty straigtforw3ard to me… I was up, coding, debugging and running on Eclipse in no time.
4) It is built on a Linux/Java base… what could be more portable?

I am not one for predictions so I won’t indulge in that but nonetheless it does seem that Android has a bright future and could gain a significant share of the smartphone OS market through OEM’s over the coming two or three years. Let’s see.

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